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Here's a list of ConTeXt's language codes, taken from [the source]. It's not complete, e.g. missing all languages with non-latin scripts and probably some more. I couldn't find a complete list. --Hraban 21:07, 6 February 2008 (CET)

You use these codes in \mainlanguage or \language

code language group
nl dutch germanic
en english germanic
de german germanic
deo german (pre-reform orthography) germanic
sv swedish germanic
af afrikaans germanic
nb norwegian (bokmål) germanic
nn norwegian (nynorsk) germanic
fr french romance
ca catalan romance
es spanish (which?) romance
it italian romance
la latin romance
pt portuguese romance
pl polish slavic
cz czech slavic
sk slovak slavic
tr turkish altaic
fi finnish uralic