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To access the last head number in a document one can use:


The following example from the mailing list demonstrates how to use it.

\dorecurse {5} {
  \chapter{Test \recurselevel}
  first:   \someheadnumber[chapter][first]   \par
  current: \someheadnumber[chapter][current] \par
  last:    \someheadnumber[chapter][last]
  \dorecurse {3} {
    \section{Test \recurselevel}
    first:   \someheadnumber[section][first]   \par
    current: \someheadnumber[section][current] \par
    last:    \someheadnumber[section][last]

For using inside a Metapost-environment you can use the expandable version:


Willi's comment on 15-06-2011:

Sinds Context 13 june 2011 the name


is replaced by


. This is in line with Hans' plans to get rid of the 'structure' part inside interface-names dealing with internal counters.