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== See also ==
== See also ==

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MPgraph is a plotting package based on MetaPost.

An alternative package is Pgfplot using TikZ.


(Data on low-temperature thermal expansion coefficients downloaded from [1]).


color orange;
orange = (1,.5,0);
input graph
draw begingraph(16cm,12cm);
        glabel.bot(btex $T$ (K) etex, OUT);
        glabel.lft(btex $(L-L_{293})/L_{293}$ etex rotated 90, OUT);
        glabel.top(btex http://cryogenics.nist.gov/ etex, OUT);
        gdraw "sapphire.dat" withcolor red;
        glabel.urt(btex sapphire etex, 0);
        gdraw "Be.dat" withcolor green;
        glabel.urt(btex Be etex, 0);
        gdraw "BeCu.dat" withcolor blue;
        glabel.urt(btex BeCu etex, 0);
        gdraw "SS304.dat" withcolor cyan;
        glabel.urt(btex SS304 etex, 0);
        gdraw "Al6061-T6.dat" withcolor magenta;
        glabel.urt(btex Al6061-T6 etex, 0);
        gdraw "nylon.dat" withcolor orange;
        glabel.urt(btex nylon etex, 0);

MPgraph example.png

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