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Standalone ConTeXt

The "ConTeXt standalone" distribution is the recommended way to use ConTeXt on any OS. For a Mac tutorial see the mac section under ConTeXt Standalone


A straightforward way to to install ConTeXt on Mac OS X is via the MacTeX distribution. The distribution includes TeXShop and TeXworks editors, TeX Live Utility for managing updates, and many other goodies. It is highly recommended to use at least MacTeX 2011.

TeXshop and TeXworks

Typically, both editors work out of the box, but if you are using version earlier than those shipped with MacTeX 2011 (TeXShop 2.42) you need to configure engines for ConTeXt manually.

Skim (PDF viewer)

Unless you are using TeXshop or TeXworks with built-in viewers, the recommended PDF viewer with SyncTeX support and auto-refresh on Mac OS X is Skim.

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