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== Documentation & Tutorials ==
* [http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/graphics/metapost/mpman.pdf A User's Manual for MetaPost] <!-- http://cm.bell-labs.com/who/hobby/cstr_162.pdf has its pages reversed -->
* [http://remote.science.uva.nl/~heck/Courses/mptut.pdf Learning METAPOST by doing] ([http://maps.aanhet.net/maps/pdf/32_14.pdf this] and [http://maps.aanhet.net/maps/pdf/32_15.pdf this link] are not working)
* [http://www.tug.org/pracjourn/2006-4/henderson/henderson.pdf A Beginner's Guide to METAPOST for Creating High-Quality Graphics] by Troy Henderson
* [[manual:metafun-s.pdf|MetaFun]]
* [http://tex.loria.fr/prod-graph/zoonekynd/metapost/metapost.html Lots of examples]
== Different Packages, Extensions & Applications of Metapost ==
== Different Packages, Extensions & Applications of Metapost ==

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< Math, MetaFun, Graphics

MetaPost is a graphical programming language, based on Donald Knuth's MetaFont. Normally MP graphics are converted to PostScript and used with dvips, but ConTeXt can use it directly with PDF (see MPtoPDF).

MetaPost is ConTeXt's "native" graphics mode, see MetaFun.

Documentation & Tutorials

Different Packages, Extensions & Applications of Metapost

  • finomaton - drawing finite state automata
  • statsmac - metapost macros for statistics graphs
  • MetaUML - MetaPost library for typesetting UML diagrams

3D support

TODO: needs major review (See: To-Do List)

MetaPost relatives

Font Creation

3D drawing

  • Asymptote - inspired by MetaPost & fully generalizes MetaPost path construction algorithms to three-dimensions

Other Links