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MAPS is the publication of NTG (Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep or Netherland's TeX Group).

TODO: Can someone who knows Dutch add details about MAPS? (See: To-Do List)

To write an article for MAPS, the following sample can be used

<texcode> % Uncomment the next line if you want your article to appear in one column. % The default is two columns % \enablemode[onecolumn] % one column, with wide outer margins % \enablemode[asym] % one column, with wide left margin (

% A mode nosubsub defines only two levels of sectioning. If you % don't need more and use the two-column layout, then this option % will probably improve the looks of your paper. % \enablemode[nosubsub]



\startArticle [

   Title=<+ Title of the article +>,
   SubTitle=<+ Optional subtitle +>,
   Number=<+ MAP Number +>,
   Period=<+ MAP Period +>,
   Author=<+ Author plus contact details +>,
  RunningAuthor=<+ Author name to appear in the header +>

% The Author parameter doesn't require any particular structure. % Add a RunningAuthor parameter if the Author parameter is too % elaborate or complex for use in a page header.


<+ Write Article Abstract +>



<+ Write Article Keywords +>


<+ Write Article +>

% MAPS places footnotes at the end of the article \subject{Note} \placefootnotes

\stopArticle \stoptext