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Note: some changes have been added recently to the module, so that this and the following site have to be updated. Please see [Raw steps module] for the latest version.

Official modules

Waiting for someone to write something about them ...

Some Ideas

Here's an Interesting post, written by Maurice Diamantini: [[1]]


So I think that ConTeXt should provide a mean (option in textexec) to make pdf-only version of presentation.

Finaly there could be three output levels for pdf presentation :

  • presentation step using javascript (with allow blinking, merging, zooming or other nice flashing features ;-)
  • presentation step without javascript (one pdf page by step)
    • Good format for presentation by foreign pdf reader
  • pdf file one pdf page for each final step by page
    • Good format for printing 2up or 4up slides
    • This third output would also allow to print a "slide + comment" version of the presentation for the speacker.

The option of texexec could be something like


instead of --pdf, or simply


Working Example (for the ones not satisfied with \presentationstep)

Here are some simple macros almost fully satisfying the idea above with SlideWithSteps, shared with the others by Otared Kavian: [[2]]. David Munger also derived an alternative [[3]] from Otared Kavian's work.