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Note: some changes have been added recently to the module, so that this and the following site have to be updated. Please see [Raw steps module] for the latest version.

Official modules

Waiting for someone to write something about them ...

Some Ideas

Here's an Interesting post, written by Maurice Diamantini: [[1]]


So I think that ConTeXt should provide a mean (option in textexec) to make pdf-only version of presentation.

Finaly there could be three output levels for pdf presentation :

  • presentation step using javascript (with allow blinking, merging, zooming or other nice flashing features ;-)
  • presentation step without javascript (one pdf page by step)
    • Good format for presentation by foreign pdf reader
  • pdf file one pdf page for each final step by page
    • Good format for printing 2up or 4up slides
    • This third output would also allow to print a "slide + comment" version of the presentation for the speacker.

The option of texexec could be something like


instead of --pdf, or simply

  • In general, I seem to have much more luck with advi then with xdvi for doing slides. It supports all kinds of interactive things. I've been told it can even do plugins (movies and such), but they only have a LaTeX package to support that.

Working Example (for the ones not satisfied with \presentationstep)

Here are some simple macros almost fully satisfying the idea above with SlideWithSteps, shared with the others by Otared Kavian: [[2]]. David Munger also derived an alternative [[3]] from Otared Kavian's work.