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A fairly large number of old ConTeXt releases are available on-line on the [ConTeXt Revisions] site.

If fact, most information is made available twice: In the [Files] section, you can find the actual zip files that have been used, and in the [SCM] section you will find an unpacked version history of the contents.

There are no release notes on that site, see the Release Notes page for that.


The ConTeXt distribution at Pragma Ade consists of a slowly growing number of zip files:


The amount of available information drops when moving back in time, simply because not all older files have been archived.

The three oldest zip files (1997 and 1998) contain MS-DOS files. That means they have uppercase filenames, CRLF terminators, and do not contain subdirectory information.

The files from 1999 and 2000 are a bit dodgy. For example, has in the tex/context/base directory, and does not contain texutil at all. Also, sometimes the directory root is wrong. This is because these files are reverse engineered from the 4TeX and TeXLive distributions.

From the beginning of 2005 onward, it is possible that there are extra files other than the base, but the first distribution that has all of its files available is Context 2005.12.18 (well, the latin modern zips are still missing at this moment)


There are more than a hundred releases entered into the repository. Normally, there is one revision per context release, but sometimes (esp. before mid-2004) there is more than one revision per context release, make sure you use the one with the highest number.

The subversion comment matches the release date, except for the really old ones that did not have a \contextversion command. For those releases, the modification date of the newest included file is taken instead.

If you want to check out stuff that is older than mid-2004, you are advised to download the zip from 'Files' instead of checking out a revision, because there may be errors in the commits of the older revisions. Adding all those files was a very tedious and error-prone job.