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< [[Symbols/nav|Navigational Symbols]] | [[Symbols/mvs|Martin Vogel's Symbols]] | [[Symbols/utf8|handy utf-8 list]]>
< [[Symbols/nav|Navigational Symbols]] | [[Symbols/mvs|Martin Vogel's Symbols]] | [[Symbols/utf8|handy utf-8 list]]>

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< Text formatting | Fonts >

< Navigational Symbols | Martin Vogel's Symbols | handy utf-8 list>

Symbols are named graphical or typographic elements. They can be divided into symbol sets, which gives some namespace independence, as well. You can load the symbol definitions from a symb-bla file with:


Given a symbol Snowman defined in a symbolset Weather Symbols, you could typeset the symbol with:

\setupsymbolset [Weather Symbols]
\symbol [Snowman]

Or, alternatively, you don't need to load the entire symbolset:

\symbol[Weather Symbols][Snowman]

You can override the existing symbols used at different levels in itemized lists by redefining the existing symbol numbers, with code like the following:

\definesymbol[1][{\symbol[martinvogel 2][PointingHand]}]
\definesymbol[2][{\symbol[martinvogel 2][CheckedBox]}]
\item item \item item
 \item item \item item
\item item

Which (free) font contains some symbol?

Predefined Symbol Sets

(Try \showsymbolset[some set]!)

  • eur : Adobe Euro (Serif|Sans|Mono), defines \texteuro (no sets)
  • jmn : Janusz M. Nowacki's navigational symbols (sets navigation 1-4)
  • mis : common bullets (no sets, but default definition for enumerations)
  • mvs : Martin Vogel's Symbols (sets astronomic, zodiac, europe, martinvogel 1-3; replaces LaTeX's marvosym)
  • nav : Hans Hagen's navigational symbols (sets navigation 1-3)
  • uni : Unicode symbols (including Zapf Dingbats, lots of sets...)
  • was: Roland Waldi's symbols (sets wasy general, music, astronomy, astrology, geometry, physics, apl; replaces LaTeX's wasysym)

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