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< Tables Overview

Rather simple tabulating. You need the bars in the formatting field of \starttabulate! If you want vertical lines, you need another table mode (see Tables).

This is especially suited if you want to have paragraphs in on (or more) of the tabulate columns.

The sample describes the formatting characters:

\NC format	\NC meaning	\NC\NR
\NC c		\NC centered	\NC\NR
\NC l		\NC left aligned	\NC\NR
\NC r		\NC right aligned	\NC\NR
\NC w(1cm)	\NC one line, fixed width	\NC\NR
\NC p(2cm)	\NC paragraph, lines broken to fixed width	\NC\NR
% You can leave out the \NC before \NR
  • HL is horizontal line
  • NC is new column (or new cell)
  • NR is new row

The sample looks like this: