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This manual doesn't work. I did exactly what it said, and ./ only returns "No such file or directory". I already use LaTeX, but it seems almost impossible to install ConTeXt. Jacobsus 23:12, 22 April 2011 (CEST)

Move all other app information to Category:Tools ?

I have recently gotten ConTeXt installed, and in the process tested out some of the various applications that serve as editors or which execute the typesetting. I notice that advice on customising such applications are spread over a number of pages (on ConTeXt Standalone; on ConTeXt Standalone/Mac Installation); on the other hand, there exists a page, Category:Tools, that is empty.

Might it not to gather together all this material, and shift it to the Tools page? That will clear up things that are not, strictly speaking, issues related to installing ConTeXt, and will also provide a single resource for all "tools" (TeXshop, Smultron, Texpad, Ctx Typeset.scptd, etc.).