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Font Families

Termes (aka Times New Roman)

\usetypescript[times][ec] % leave out 'ec' when using XeTeX/luaTeX

Hello Termes! 1234567890

Adventor (aka Avant Garde)



Adventor ex.png

Bonum (aka Bookman)

Cursor (aka Courier)

Heros (aka Helvetica)

Pagella (aka Palatino)

\usetypescript[pagella][ec] % leave out 'ec' when using XeTeX/luaTeX

Hello Pagella! 1234567890

Schola (aka Century Schoolbook)

Chorus (aka Zapf Chancery)


TeX Gyre name Adobe name URW name TeX Gyre code
Adventor Adobe AvantGarde URW Gothic L ag
Bonum Adobe Bookman URW Bookman L bk
Chorus ITC Zapf Chancery URW Chancery L (Medium Italic) zc
Cursor Adobe Courier URW Nimbus Mono L cr
Heros Adobe Helvetica URW Nimbus Sans L hv
Pagella Adobe Palatino URW Palladio L pl
Schola Adobe New Century Schoolbook URW Century Schoolbook L cs
Termes Adobe Times Nimbus Roman No9 L tm