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Welcome to the ConTeXt wiki!

This is an open community website for the wonderful TeX macro package ConTeXt, created by Pragma ADE. Here you may explore the abundance of information on ConTeXt and participate by creating your own ConTeXt related wiki pages.

ConTeXt growing lion (by Anna-Lena Ramm)

Welcome to Mark IV

The brand-new Mark IV beta has been released today (August 6, 2007). Go to Pragma to download it and read about it on the wiki!

ConTeXt user meeting

The first international ConTeXt user meeting took place in Epen (The Netherlands) on March 24 and March 25 2007. For those who have missed it: you have to join next time, it was just great (thanks to Taco and other organizers)! Some material has been published online.

The second meeting will take place in Kranjska Gora in Slovenia (near Slovenian-Austrian-Italian border) from 20th-25th of August 2008.

Getting started

New to ConTeXt? Before installing you can see what you can do with it and try the live version on the garden.

Installing ConTeXt

Go here.

ConTeXt Documentation, Tips, and Tricks

As with all computer languages, ConTeXt is much easier to use when one has good documentation. The official ConTeXt manual is a good place to start; this section provides a complement to it, with alternate explanations and examples for a number of key subjects, updates describing more recent additions to ConTeXt, and detailed solutions to some tricky problems.

Official Documentation

Specific Subjects in ConTeXt

  • Structurals: Titles, tables, enumerations, and other pieces of document structure.
  • Visuals: Layout, graphics, fonts, and other aspects of the document's appearance.
  • Inside ConTeXt: Macros, commands, and other programming.
  • Math: Mathematics and other scientific notations.
  • XML: ConTeXt can be used to format XML text or documents.
  • Presentations: Specific advice for presentations and on-screen display.
  • TeX and pdfeTeX: Non-ConTeXt specific page about TeX and pdfeTeX
  • Posting on arxiv.org: How to submit ConTeXt documents to http://arxiv.org/, the worldwide, heavily used physics (and now mathematics and computer science) open-access preprint server.

General ConTeXt Documents

  • The ConTeXt Way: The ConTeXt philosophy, and how to work with ConTeXt and not against it.
  • Sample documents: Some examples of documents created in ConTeXt, with source code.
  • From LaTeX to ConTeXt: Particular tricks that are useful for moving from LaTeX to ConTeXt.
  • HTML and ConTeXt: Collaborative HTML document preparation using Wiki and its conversion to ConTeXt using Ruby.

Bugs, Typos & Feature requests

If you're waiting for an interesting functionality in ConTeXt, the ConTeXt Mailing Lists is probably the first place to turn to. However, minor bugs, typos in the documentation, Dutch leftovers in the source code, ... can be reported and collected here.

Contextgarden Help & Guidelines

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