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My name is Raghavendra Nyshadham, and I have two accounts at the ConTeXt Garden — this account with user name raghu, and another, less frequently used, account with user name nyraghu.

I am a mathematician at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute in Allahabad, India. I maintain a Web site,, about my interests other than my work. Among these, my main fascination is the Himalaya, especially the Garhwal region, which forms the Western half of the state of Uttarakhand in India. Some of my email addresses are raghu at hri dot res dot in and nyraghu27132 at gmail dot com.

Interest in ConTeXt

I have been using LaTeX on a daily basis since 1992, when I was a graduate student. I started using ConTeXt in 2017, although I was curious about it since the late 1990s, when I first read about it.

I like ConTeXt for the high level facilities it provides, for the control it gives the user, and for the integral feel arising from its self-contained system, which does not require one to load external packages with subtle interactions.

Contributions to the ConTeXt Garden

I have contributed to the following articles at the ConTeXt Garden:

Messages to the ConTeXt Users mailing list

Here is a link to the list of my messages to the ConTeXt Users mailing list. In particular, here is the reason why I have two accounts at the ConTeXt Garden.

Questions at the TeX-LaTeX Stack Exchange

Sometimes I ask questions about ConTeXt at the TeX-LaTeX Stack Exchange. Here is a list of them:

Future work at the ConTeXt Garden

I would like to add more documentation on Unicode in ConTeXt, especially with reference to mathematics. I would also like to contribute to existing manual pages for commands, and add manual pages for commands that do not have them.