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Some places to visit

ConTeXt on demand

  • live.contextgarden lets you try ConTeXt without installing it
  • MathML online test
  • some more online interfaces to ConTeXt features both as HTML and PDF (list of the following); you must visit this login page first, otherwise the following links won't work
    • This script provides an interface to ConTeXt’s page Imposition features (make booklets etc.)
    • Here you can create n × m overviews (multiple pages on one sheet) of one or more PDF documents
    • There is minimal typesetting involved in this interface: just a file listing.
    • Here you can enter MathML code and test in what way you can control the output.
    • You can use this interface to play with (combinations of) the Fonts that come with most TeX distributions.
    • You can use this (dutch) interface to practice your handwriting, or let your kids practice theirs.
    • You can use this interface to typeset documents with the latest ConTeXt.
    • This is an interface to GhostScript, especially the PostScript to PDF converter.
    • This document helps you to make resource libraries, formerly known as figure libraries (see XML, Image Database)
    • You can keep track of what resources are used in a document. This document provides the interface to generating a log of used resources (see also Visual Debugging).
    • This interface can be used to generate sheets with labels (stickers) or other grid oriented content. Each label is a separate page, and x × y pages are collected on a sheet.

ConTeXt user pages

Mailing lists

See ConTeXt Mailing Lists


There is an IRC channel for ConTeXt.

General TeX links