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Using Ralph Smith Formal Font

TeX provides calligraphic alphabets, which can be accessed using \cal however, there are no script alphabets in Computer Modern or Latin Modern. Raph Smith's Formal Font [1] provides script alphabets that blend well with Computer Modern and Latin Modern. They can be used inside ConTeXt as follows

\starttypescript [math] [modern,computer-modern,latin-modern,ams] [size]
     \definebodyfont [17.3pt,14.4pt,12pt,11pt,10pt,9pt][mm][mc=rsfs10 sa 1]
     \definebodyfont [8pt,7pt] [mm] [mc=rsfs7 sa 1]
     \definebodyfont [6pt,5pt,4pt] [mm] [mc=rsfs5 sa 1]

\definefamilysynonym [default] [scriptfamily] [mc]

\def\scr{\fam\purefamily{scriptfamily}} % To use ${\scr ABC}$
\def\script#1{{\scr#1}}                 % To use $\script{ABC}$

\definetypeface [modern] [mm] [math] [modern] [ams] [encoding=texnansi]






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Improper ways to use the font

These methods are listed for people who want a stop gap solution for other fonts. These should not be used for RSFS.

  • The first method is to use rsfs10 for all font sizes

Note: Since this is an italic script, one needs italic correction \/ in the definition.

  • The plain tex way of using the font is:
 \font\tenscr   = rsfs10 at 12pt %bodyfontsize
 \font\sevenscr = rsfs7  at 9pt  %scriptfontsize
 \font\fivescr  = rsfs5  at 7pt  %scriptscriptfontsize

 \skewchar\tenscr   = '177
 \skewchar\sevenscr = '177
 \skewchar\fivescr  = '177


 \textfont\scrfam         = \tenscr
 \scriptfont\scrfam       = \sevenscr
 \scriptscriptfont\scrfam = \fivescr


With these defintions one can use \scr just like \cal. This method has the advantage that it uses different fonts (rsfs10, rsfs7, rsfs5) in body script and scriptscipt.