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Welcome to ConTeXt garden

This is a wiki for the ConTeXt document processing system which is a TeX macro package created and maintained by Pragma ADE. Here you may explore documentations, examples, and tips related to ConTeXt.


The 14th ConTeXt Meeting will take place in Sibřina, Czech Republic on September 6–12, 2020

The 13th ConTeXt Meeting took place in Bassenge-Boirs, Belgium on September 16–21, 2019.

Since Sept 24, 2018, we are running on a new mediawiki, version 1.31. Various things may still be broken, as well as the 'contextskin' skin.


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Comment: There is no offical repository there the development is going. The source code is released irregularly and placed at the website. The git and source browser repositories are updated by a script from the Current and Beta versions of the source code.

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