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The First Document page provides a cursory introduction to typesetting document using ConTeXt. The Context page describes the command-line options in brief. This page provides additional information for command-line options.


Process one or more files; this is the default action and may be omitted.


Reopen the generated PDF file in the system's default PDF file viewer after recompiling a document.


Delete all build artifacts generated during compiling of a document, such as .tuc and .log files.


Provide a comma-separated list of paths for ConTeXt to search when processing. For example:

context --path="$HOME/writing/common/styles,$HOME/writing/amazing-novel/styles"


Changes the output document file name. ConTeXt creates the output document file in the current working directory; this option cannot create or move the output document in a different directory. Instead, change the working directory before running ConTeXt and use the --path option to configure where ConTeXt searches for files to process.