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Syntax (autogenerated)

...=...,...inherits from \setupblock


[...] name of block type


Blocks are reusable pieces of text. Once a block type is defined with \defineblock[name], the blocks can be defined (with or without displaying them) using \beginname[tags] ... \endname. (Yes, that is \begin... and \end..., not \start... and \stop....) There are a number of commands to display all or some of the blocks defined in the document; see the See Also section for a list with descriptions.


\hideblocks[question] % We don't want to print blocks where we define them

To be, or not to be?

\section{Let's see what blocks we've got.}

\section{We've seen what blocks we've got. Let's take another look at that first question.}

Mais o\`u sont les neiges d'antan?

This gives:

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