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Syntax (autogenerated)


[...] text
{...} text




A few years back, \TEX\ could only produce \fillinfield [dvi]{\DVI}
output, but nowadays, thanks to \fillinfield {Han The Thanh},
we can also directly produce \fillinfield [pdf] {\PDF}! Nice eh?
Actually, while the first field module was prototyped in \ACROBAT,
the current implementation was debugged in \fillinfield [pdfTeX] {\PDFTEX}.
Field support in \fillinfield [ConTeXt] {\CONTEXT} is rather advanced
and complete and all kind of fields are supported. One can hook
in appearances, and validation \fillinfield [JavaScripts] {\JAVASCRIPT}'s.
Fields can be cloned and copied, where the latter saves some space.
By using \fillinfield {objects} when suited, this module saves space anyway.

Beware, \fillinfield has a broken validation script that empties the field after input and thus doesn’t make sense, see m-fields.mkiv (as of 2017-03-14; probably since 2010).

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