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== Example ==
<!-- Please fill in an example if you can -->
== See also ==
== See also ==
<!-- something like [[cmd:goto|\goto]] -->
<!-- something like [[cmd:goto|\goto]] -->

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state start stop
menu on off
page yes no
click yes no
split yes no
display new
openaction reference
closeaction reference
openpageaction reference
closepageaction reference
calculate name
strut yes no
width dimension
height dimension
depth dimension
style normal bold slanted boldslanted type cap small...command
color name
contrastcolor name
symbolset name
title text
subtitle text
author text
date text
keyword text
fieldlayer auto name


click Hyperlink highlighting when clicked (/H /N),
subtitle Goes into the /Subject field of the pdf file's document information dictionary.
color This colour is used if the destination of the reference is on a different page from the reference itself.
contrastcolor This colour is used if the destination of the reference is on the same page as the reference itself.



See also