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Syntax (autogenerated)

\startlocalfootnotes ... \stoplocalfootnotes


\startlocalfootnotes ... \stoplocalfootnotes


Footnotes from this point on until \stoplocalfootnotes are considered local footnotes. They start counting again from 1; and they are not placed with the regular footnotes, but by the next \placelocalfootnotes (which needs to occur inside the \localfootnotes block).


Spam spam spam\footnote{eggs}

    % The caption
    {A breakfast table.}    
    % the table
            \VL Spam \footnote {lovely} \VL Bacon \footnote {wonderful} \VL\FR
            \VL Eggs \footnote {wonderful} \VL Spam \footnote {lovely} \VL\LR
        % the footnotes

Spam, spam, eggs, and bacon\footnote{and spam}

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