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The command \typesetbuffer typesets a buffer verbatim


[...]* buffer
...=...,...inherits from \setupexternalfigure


With \typesetbuffer[mybuffer], ConTeXt typesets the buffer mybuffer (previously defined by command \startbuffer) as an independent file and it includes it in the document as an external image.

To use the contents of the buffer as normal typeset material use the command \getbuffer.

To have the contents of the buffer typeset verbatim use the command \typebuffer.

When you invoke \typesetbuffer on a buffer that is already typeset, the buffer won’t be typeset again, but the requested page(s) will be included in the document as external figures.


Example 1


     \startbuffer [sample]
             \startTEXpage[offset=10pt] one   \stopTEXpage
             \startTEXpage[offset=10pt] two   \stopTEXpage
             \startTEXpage[offset=10pt] three \stopTEXpage

     one: \typesetbuffer[sample][frame=on,page=1]

     two: \externalfigure[\lasttypesetbuffer][frame=on,page=2]

    three: \typesetbuffer[*][frame=on,page=3]



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