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Current state of binaries in minimals

program windows linux linux-64 mac-intel mac-ppc latest TL
metapost latest (A/M) latest (M) latest(M) latest (M) latest (M) 1.00x 0.993
pdfTeX latest (A/M) latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) 1.40.5 1.40.2
XeTeX latest (A/M) latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) 0.997 0.996
xdvipdfmx latest (A/M) latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) 0.4 / SVN #96
luatex semi-latest (A/M) latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) 0.11.2 --

A = automatic, M = manual

splitting binaries

i can then use that (will make a script) that will install what is needed

mtxrun --script install --engine=xetex --platform=macosx-intel

and such (is we make luatex 'common' we have a scripting machinery)

building XeTeX and xdvipdfmx

(This might need to be moved to some better place, for example under XeTeX, but I needed to leave a note on building process before we all forget it.)

SVN sources are available at:

Prerequisits: You need to have the runtime libraries for fontconfig and zlib installed, as well as the devel package for fontconfig

Taco's notes (for linux)

XeTeX's build process needs the tex binaries directory in the path to deduce an installation directory from. On the contextgarden, that should be /opt/texlive2007/bin/i386-linux/, because it assumes the path is TDS compliant (i.e., it ends with '/bin/<<platform>>')

 $ export PATH=/opt/texlive2007/bin/i386-linux:$PATH

Arthur's notes (for xdvipdfmx)

$ export $XETEX=location-of-xetex-TRUNK
$ CFLAGS="-I$XETEX/texk -I$XETEX/Work/texk -I$XETEX/libs/freetype2/include -I$XETEX/libs/freetype2" \
   LDFLAGS="-L$XETEX/Work/texk/kpathsea/.libs -L$XETEX/Work/libs/freetype2" ./configure

Cross-compiling for PPC on Intel Mac