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(merged 2005.11.09 and 2005.11.11)
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== Note ==
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Since the 2005.11.09 release was a bit of a problem child, I have
made this page a merge of [[Context 2005.11.09]] and [[Context 2005.11.11.orig]].
This contains the news compared to the previous stable release that was dated October 27, 2005.
== Changes since 2005.10.27 ==
=== Removed files ===
'''The information file context.rme'''
* doc/context/general/allkind/context.rme
IIUC, it was removed following a request from the distribution maintainers, but it was outdated and increasingly incorrect anyway.
'''The big fallback map file'''
* fonts/map/pdftex/context/context-base.map
It should not be needed anymore. If you run into trouble, ypu can load a encoding-specific base map instead, like ec-base.map.
=== New files ===
'''Latin Modern Maps'''
A set of map files for Latin Modern, added by request of the tetex/TeX-Live maintainers:
* fonts/map/dvips/context/ec-lm.map
* fonts/map/dvips/context/el-lm.map
* fonts/map/dvips/context/qx-lm.map
* fonts/map/dvips/context/t5-lm.map
* fonts/map/dvips/context/texnansi-lm.map
* fonts/map/dvips/context/ts1-lm.map
'''Waldi Symbol font files'''
Two support files contributed by Henning Hraban Ramm.
* fonts/map/pdftex/context/original-wasy.map
* symb-was.tex
Please read the symb-was.tex file for usage help and the actual symbol names.
=== Changes ===
* A preliminary bugfix in add_special_signal from Taco Hoekwater; externalfigures sometimes went missing. (Note from TH: This fix is not 100% reliable, but it will do for a while)
'''Perl scripts'''
* exchange the order of some pdfetex arguments (to counter a change in the latest web2c compiled executables)
* new commandline switches --paper (alias for --paperformat) and --offset (alias for --paperoffset)
'''Ruby scripts'''
* bugfix in filter code (wrong variable was used)
* fixed a typo from 2005.10.27
* bugfixes in index processing code
* version 1.7.0
* add a predefinition for runtools
* file search reporting improved a bit
'''Macro files'''
* context version is now 2005.11.11
* new macro: \fmtname
* a hook for the \type fix  in core-ver.tex
* bugfixes and a patch from Vit Zyka allowing the setting of intercolumn whitespace (columndistance, leftmargindistance, rightmargindistance).
* bugfixes, code cleanup, converted to low-level english
* a hook for the \type fix  in core-ver.tex
* fix to allow the use of \type in some weird places (like natural table cells) while still supporting colorization.
* bugfix for EC encoded text accents in math mode.
* documentation typo fixed
* use of \fmtname added (test added for use in eplain)
* three new macros are added to help processing in the m-bib beta: \robustdoifinsetelse, \robustaddtocommalist, \robustpretocommalist
* New macro named \expandparameters, that can be used as a prefix to  \getparameters, and thereby allows additions to be made to the current value of a parameter. The new macro \currentvalue behaves as a placeholder for this current value.  The 'expand the current parameter values' internal state only applies to the following use of \getparameters, it will be automatically reset. Usage:
  \expandparameters \getparameters[taco][name=\currentvalue\space hoekwater]
* extra space in \doverbatimnobreak (bugfix)
[[Category:Release Notes]]

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