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NOTE: This page is NOT finished yet

This page is at the very initial stages of development: Please do not change it yet unless you know the topic well!

LuaTeX and MkIV allow advanced usage and manipulation of Open Type font features. Some features, such as oldstyle and smallcaps are known to most users of Open Type fonts. More advanced OT fonts can have lots more, including the Stylistic Set feature ss<nn> (where nn stands for any numeral between 01 and 99)

Features in general


Stacking and unstacking features

\feature \addfeature \subtractfeature \replacefeature \resetandaddfeature \revivefeature \resetfeature

\addfeature        [f:mine] \feature [more][f:mine] \feature[+][f:mine]
\subtractfeature   [f:mine] \feature [less][f:mine] \feature[-][f:mine]
\replacefeature    [f:mine] \feature  [new][f:mine] \feature[=][f:mine]
\resetandaddfeature[f:mine] \feature[local][f:mine] \feature[!][f:mine]
\revivefeature     [f:mine] \feature  [old][f:mine] \feature[>][f:mine]
\resetfeature               \feature[reset]         \feature[<]


NOTE: This page is NOT finished yet