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You can use these design areas in your page:

leftedge leftmargin text rightmargin rightedge
top . . . . .
header . . header . .
text . marginals text marginals .
footer . . footer . .
bottom . . . . .

There's also a "distance" between each of the areas, e.g. leftedgedistance, leftmargindistance (from the named area to the inner).

	topspace=20mm, top=0mm,
	header=0mm, footer=0mm,

You can make all the geometry information visible with \showlayout and the related commands.

See \setuplayout in the manual.

By using Layers, you can also place elements at specific places, as done in the BusinessCard example.

At Paul Tremblay's XML ConTeXt site, there's a lot about layout from a XML/FO perspective with some descriptive pictures.