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NOTE: Most of the features of amsl module are now part of ConTeXt. They have been implemented in a different way then the amsl module, and provide better integration with the rest of ConTeXt package.

The amsl module by Giuseppe Bilotta (Oblomov) is intended to provide AMS math for ConTeXt, similar to AMS-LaTeX.


Defined commands:

  • stackrel
  • underset
  • start/stop eqnalign
  • start/stop gather
  • start/stop array
  • start/stop cases, bigcases
  • font commands: \mathcal, \mathbb, \mathfrak
  • reference format eqref

Hint: You should set your body font after loading amsl, because it resets body font to rm.

(Sorry, I don't understand much of math; please someone enhance this page! --Hraban)