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Here are instructions for ConTeXt installation on Ubuntu and its derivatives [K/X/L]ubuntu.

With Ubuntu packages – should work with Ubuntu 7.10 and above

TeX Live and ConTeXt have been part of Ubuntu's main repositories since Ubuntu 7.10, so you can simply

 apt-get install context

to install ConTeXt and its dependencies.

The dependencies pull in various PDF utilities which you will probably find useful, including pdfcrop.

If you would like to use the TeXworks GUI-based TeX editing environment usually included with TeX Live CDs, it is available via

 apt-get install texworks

and will appear under Applications, Science & Math.

See also:

Note that Ubuntu's packaged version of ConTeXt is quite old (circa 2009), so a better option for advanced users is...

With ConTeXt Standalone – should work with all Ubuntu versions

Example of setting up ConTeXt Standalone:

 sudo mkdir /usr/local/context
 sudo chown yourusername /usr/local/context
 cd /usr/local/context
 wget http://minimals.contextgarden.net/setup/first-setup.sh
 sh first-setup.sh
 vi ~/.bashrc

Add these three lines:

 export OSFONTDIR=~/.fonts:/usr/share/fonts                                                      
 export TEXROOT=/usr/local/context/tex                                         
 export PATH=/usr/local/context/tex/texmf-linux/bin:/usr/local/context/bin:$PATH

Note that the order of items in the PATH is significant. If you put /usr/local/context/bin in the path first, you will get an error at run time.

Also, remember that you have to source ~/.bashrc after changing it, in order to have the changes take effect in your current shell. (Either that, or start a new shell.)

Installing third party modules in ConTeXt Standalone

See here: Installing third party modules

Updating ConTeXt Standalone

The update procedure is similar to the normal procedure. If you installed the ConTeXt Standalone with the commands from above, you can update to a new (beta) version like this:

 cd /usr/local/context
 wget http://minimals.contextgarden.net/setup/first-setup.sh
 ./firstsetup.sh --keep