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This is a collection of pages that someone thinks need more explanation, description, or otherwise aren't very clear. If you come across pages that fit this description, you can add {{Explanation}} to the relevant Talk: page, and it will be listed here until someone fixes it.

Alternately, if you've got something useful that you just want to put on the Wiki quickly and don't have time to explain it, maybe you would want to put this tag with it, to encourage other people to fill in the details!

If you're looking for something useful to do on the Wiki, this might be a good place to start; in a lot of cases, the required input here is just a bit of time spent on research and writing.

It's probably better to put this tag only on the Talk: pages, rather than the main pages themselves. Also, everything could always be made just a little bit better -- this tag really should only be used for things that need a lot of work -- for instance, a LaTeX-into-ConTeXt page that doesn't contain any text other than the LaTeX source, or a page that includes some ConTeXt code without any explanation of what it's good for, or something that presents a result with no indication of why it works or how to modify it.

The result of the {{Explanation}} code looks like this:

Someone thinks this entry needs some more explanation. (See: Needs Explanation?, To-Do List.)

See also the To-Do List for other pages that need work.


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