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Syntax (autogenerated)

\startstaticMPfigure{...} ... \stopstaticMPfigure


{...} name


\startstaticMPfigure{name} creates a separate pdf file called name.pdf containing the graphic. This pdf can be included in the document using \usestaticMPfigure. ConTeXt is clever enough to recompile the resulting MetaPost file only if something inside the \startstaticMPgraphic has changed. To force the figure files to be regenerated, remove all the *.mp.md5 files from the current directory.


 draw fullcircle scaled 2cm ;"(0,0)"),origin) ;

 draw fullcircle scaled 2cm ;
 drawarrow (0,0)--(1cm,0) ;"$r$"),(5mm,0)) ;


Circle centered \usestaticMPfigure[center][width=1cm] at origin with radius
\usestaticMPfigure[radius][width=1cm] $r=1\,\text{cm}$.


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