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Syntax (autogenerated)

[...]concept file temporary final name


[...] final concept temporary


  • By default the final version is produced, with no extra markup.
  • If a concept is produced the word 'concept' and the date are placed at the bottom of each page.
  • temporary prints information related to what one might call 'document and layout debugging': slugs behind overfull lines, and mentions of succesful and failed references, float placement, and index entries. Most messages are placed in the margin. In some cases these messages refer to the next pages, because TeX is processing in advance.


\setuppapersize[A9, landscape]

A word or two

An example showing most of the features of \version[temporary].

% Tell ConTeXt where the windmill picture is

\section{Slithy toves}

% Top right of page will show successful reference '< fig2'
% Left margin will mention unsuccessful reference 'figNothing->'
See \in{Figure}[fig2] and \in{Figure}[figNothing].

% Top right of page will show new-created anchors '> fig1' and '> fig2'
% Top right of page will show successfully placed floats
\placefigure[here][fig1]{First windmill}{
\placefigure[here][fig2]{Second windmill}{

    % Overfull lines will have slugs in colum margins.
    \input linden 
    % Underfull hboxes get no warning

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