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TODO: Yet undocumented page (See: To-Do List)

Simple Way: \startTEXpage


some possibly "infinite" content


More Complex Way

An old code from [1]:

% a rather pervert and idiot style for g.b.

\definepapersize [idiot] [width=20cm,height=400cm]

\startsetups main

     [idiot] [idiot]



\startsetups page


   \to \CrazyHeight

     [crazy] [width=20cm,height=\CrazyHeight]

     [crazy] [crazy]


\setups [main]

\prependtoks \setups [page] \to \mainoutput
\appendtoks \setups [main] \to \mainoutput


% hm, i would like to use the not yet public fake
% text macros here -)

\dorecurse {6}

    {\getrandomnumber \pervert {3} {5}
     \dorecurse {\pervert}
       {\input tufte
        \placefigure {} {}
        \getrandomnumber \evenmorepervert {1} {3}
        \dorecurse {\evenmorepervert}
          {\input tufte \par}}
     \page }


Could \startTEXpage[offse=...] serve for the second example as well?