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The TODO tag is used in articles as a reminder that more work needs to be done; it places a quite visible note on the page, and puts the page in the To-Do list. Unlike the Explanation tag, it is intended for general-purpose use for anything that needs doing, and should be placed directly in the text.

The syntax for the TODO tag is {{todo|1=<stuff>}}, where <stuff> is a description of what remains to be done. The 1= is optional, unless <stuff> contains an equal sign, in which case it's required. For example, this code produces the following example:

{{todo|This is an example of a TODO tag.}}

TODO: This is an example of a TODO tag. (See: To-Do List)

Similarly, this is what happens when one puts a really long explanation in a TODO tag:

TODO: This is an example of a TODO tag with quite a lot of additional text. We'll put another sentence in here, so as to make at least two lines. Although two sentences really isn't quite enough to be sure, so let's put in a third, and let's make sure it's a really good long one with lots of words in it.

We can also put in a second paragraph, and put some words in it, too. Words, words, words. And more words. We can type a lot of words here. Well, a lot of words for a TODO tag; it's not really a lot of words for a short story, or even a short-short story, though it might be nearly enough for a drabble, and it's quite far from a lot of words for a novel! But it's enough words for this example, which is what it needs to be. (See: To-Do List)

As you can see, it works fine to put more than one TODO tag on the same page, though we do get the category listed twice in the list below. (It just shows up once on the To-Do list page, though.)