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I'm Mojca Miklavec, a (female) student of Physics / Bioinformatics.

ConTeXt is (becoming) one of the best tools for producing a wide variety of documents and I enjoy using it instead of Word, PowerPoint, LaTeX and mostly it can substitute the usage of programs for vector graphics as well.

Contributions & Plans

Near future

Distant future

  • try to enable <gnuplot>plot sin(x)</gnuplot> syntax on this wiki.
  • writing a program or script for reading SMILES-encoded chemical formulas with some optional settings, construct 2D coordinates out of it (perhaps with help of an external program such as CACTVS) and output MetaFun - MetaPost in ConTeXt code

\placefigure[chem:acetic acid]{Acetic acid}{

How do you pronounce ...?

People often ask me how to pronounce my name, so here is a short explanation:

  • Moytsah (an English approximation)
  • Mojza (a German approximation)

Thank you

Thank you Hans, Taco, Patrick, Adam ... for your marvellous work!

(And to Brooks for the wonderful Slovenian enumeration module.)