Windows 10 64 bit Installation 2019 -- how to install from TeXlive

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Full installation

No problem.

Make the TeXlive installation smaller

Even if the recommended distribution is the ConTeXt Standalone, one can install ConTeXt from the TeXlive website or from DVD TeXlive. Full installation contains over 3700 packages (ca 7 GB) covering all TeXs (not only ConTeXt) and takes plenty of time.

However, one can opt for customized installation which skips stuff unusable for ConTeXt. The following list shows which collections of packages can be checked out from the full list. Both time and the number of packages to be installed will drop below 50%.

Legend to the list of collections

+++ means yes, % means no, %? means probably no, +? means probably no but we are not sure

List of collections from the Czech version (thanks to Lenka Stráníková for the screenshot)

List of collections (in Czech)

+++ Balíky pro LuaTeX
%   Balíky pro MataPost a Metafont
%   Balíky pro humanitní obory
%?  Balíky pro sazbu hudby
+++ ConTeXt a balíky
%   Dodatečné balíky pro LaTeX
+++ Dodatečné fonty
%   Dodatečné formáty
%   Dodatečné styly pro BibTeX
%   Doporučené balíky pro LaTeX
+++ Doporučené fonty
+++ Editor TeXWorks, TeXlive obsahuje pouze binárku pro Windows (vyber, pokud je to potřeba)
+++ Grafika, obrázky, diagramy
%   Matematika, přírodní vědy, infomatika -- balíky
%   Nakladatelské styly, disertace atd.
+?  Nezbytné programy a soubory 
+++ PStricks (vyber, pokud je to potřeba)
%   Podpůrné programy pro Windows (mkiv: Podle Hanse nic dalšího nedává smysl)
%   Pomocné programy pro TeX
%   Sazba her
%   Utility pro práci s grafikou a fonty
%   XeTeX a balíky
%   Základní (La)TeXové balíkytexlive-collections-for-context.png
%   Základní balíky pro LaTeX

List of Collections (in English [translated from the Czech version])

+++ Additional fonts
%   Additional formats
%   Auxillary programmes for TeX
%   Auxillary programmes for W. (mkiv: Hans guesses that nothing additional makes sense)
%   Additional styles for BibTeX
%   Additional packages for LaTeX
%   Basic packages for LaTeX
%   Basic packages for (La)TeX
+++ ConTeXt and packages
%   Games Typesetting 
+++ Graphics, images, diagrams
%   Math, natural sciences, computer science -- packages
+?  Necessary programmes and files (???)
%   Packages for Art Fields
+++ Packages for LuaTeX
%   Packages for MetaPost and Metafont (probably not as the mplib is built in)
%?  Packages for music typesetting (unlikely) 
+++ PSTricks (only if you need it)
%   Publishing styles, dissertations etc.
+++ Recommended fonts
%   Recommended packages for LaTeX
+++ TeXWorks, TeXlive contains the binary only for Windows (probably not unless you use it)
%   Utilities for graphics and fonts 
%   XeTeX and packages (not for mkiv)