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{...} text before
{...} text after


Inserts a reference to a location in the document which has been marked with a label (e.g. an equation, figure, section, enumerated item). The curly-brace arguments contain prefix and suffix, the square brackets contain the label of the point/object/section to which you are referring.




This is explained in \in{Equation}{.}[eq:pythagoras]

See also

  • \at to refer to a page containing a label.
  • \about to insert the title of a referenced item.
  • \definereferenceformat for setting up your own references (e.g. for figures). If you tried to parenthesize the equation number with \in{Equation (}{)}[eq:somelabel] and were frustrated by the space after the opening parenthesis, this is the place to look.

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