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Using fonts with TeX was once a Jedi fight, before (2013 / 2015 ?) and LuaTeX development.

Nowadays, Fonts are a piece of cake

You will find here material to be able to use all the fonts you want with ConTeXt.

Some important details are details in other pages: - how to use different alternative styles of a given font, like regular / bold / italic, see the Font_Switching in the Basics.

Advanced stuff

  • Deep dive into typescripts
    • What is and how far can be extended
      • a font
      • a fontfamily
      • a typeface
      • a typescript
      • a typescriptcollection
    • How to work with fonts with
      • different weights (light, extra-light, dark, extra-bold)
      • different widths (condensed, expanded)
      • different style (inline, shadowed, outline)
    • the source browser for type-imp- files.
    • Alegreya Typescript: a quite complete example (2019), MkIV for the Alegreya fonts by Huerta Tipográfica / Juan Pablo del Peral, downloadable from Google Fonts.
    • Summary of experiences of three Fraktur (2019)
    • Typescripts_examples (Cf Thomas Hala)
    • Vocabulary : fontname, fontfamily, typeface, typescript, fonts, styles...
    • What is a typescriptcollection