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Links from the main page

I like the fact that there's a new page devoted to installation (Installation pages need to be revised anyway), but I miss links on the first page - now I have to load three pages to see some specific notes (if I don't remember the exact word), which is just one page too much. Perhaps we could make those links shorter (to make them all fit into a single line), but I really miss direct links to installation pages. (perhaps it's just a habbit, but ...) What do the others think? --Mojca

Recommending LMTX by default

If we are recommending LMTX as the default option, there needs to be a simple way to install third-party modules as well. Currently there is none. --Aditya (talk) 18:44, 29 May 2020 (CEST)

@Mojca: Could you confirm if I correctly understand the need: to be able to reach specific pages in two click ? Among many potential solution, we can complete the "new page", in the "Further installation instructions" section, with the TOP5 links that users need to access in max 2 clicks. Which pages are concerned ? --User:Garulfo

@Adityam: does a reference to the mailing list thread about modules in LMTX (with the shell script from Henri Menke), would be ok ?

Location of Installation

I asked in the mailinglist why the installation path is $HOME/bin, but got no answer. In my limited experience it is not common to install bigger software packages in the bin directory. Can the author add a hint why to install the whole context distribution in $HOME/bin?