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[...] name
[...] number each
style normal bold slanted boldslanted type cap small... command
width dimension
height dimension
align flushleft flushright righttoleft lefttoright middle width
tolerance verystrict strict tolerant verytolerant stretch
distance dimension
before command
after command
inner command
command command
rule on off


Setup the paragraphs of a side-by-side environment defined with \defineparagraphs. This command occurs in two forms. One to set options for the entire environment:


And one to set options for specific paragraphs (columns) in the environment:



% Source: ConText Manual ms-cb-en.pdf
\setuppapersize[A5] % narrower page --> better-sized picture for the wiki.

% Define a paragraph environment with 3 columns. 
% Insert a blank line just before and just after the paragraph. 

% The first column occupies 10% of the text's width and is rendered bold. 

% The second column occupies 40% of the text's width. 

% The third column uses default settings. It will occupy 
% the remaining 50% of the text's width.
% Set a paragraph with "mypar"

\startmypar % begin paragraph body with 1st column 
\mypar % switch to 2nd column
    Hasselt obtains its city charter from bishop Hendrik van Vianden. 
\mypar % switch to 3rd column
    Hendrik van Vianden was pressed by other towns not to agree 
    with the charter. It took Hasselt a long period of time to 
    convince the Bishop. After supporting the Bishop in a small 
    war against the Drents, the charter was released. 
\stopmypar % end paragraph body 

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