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Articles go here.
Talk pages for articles in the main namespace. In general, namespaces are at even numbers, and the accompanying Namespace_talk namespace will be at n+1.
User pages.
Pages related to the administration of this MediaWiki installation. The Village Pump, wikiprojects, log files, etc.
Files and images hosted on this wiki.
Chiefly notable for being the home of Common.css, Common.js, Monobook.css, and Monobook.js.
Wiki magic: Templates. Transclude Template:mytemplate with {{mytemplate}}.
Help on mediawiki syntax, and also some pages specific to editing the ConTeXt Garden wiki.
Wiki magic: Category pages. Categorize articles by putting [[Category:CategoryName]] on the page; a link to the category page will appear in the footer, and a link to the article will appear on the category page.